Benefits of MES Systems

Why implementing an MES system?

The MES (Manufacturing Execution System) allows managing and monitoring real-time production. These systems support all production tasks, including automatic creation of reports, while providing direct access to production data and linking the various tasks of the plant. They afford the opportunity to make connections between the reception of raw materials, production orders, work schedules, quality control, shipping, maintenance and equipment efficiency.

Real information systems serving manufacturing companies,
MES systems cover the main areas of production control.

  • Real-Time data collection
  • Automated management of recipes
  • Products tracking
  • Production planning (scheduling)
  • Raw materials tracking
  • Production and batch monitoring
  • Quality control and monitoring
  • Performance analysis and monitoring
  • Mass Balance
  • Batch and production orders traceability (genealogy)
  • Process management
  • Integration of production data with the accounting system and any other system
  • Dashboards design
  • Production reports design
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking

MES systems also allow to:
  • Make informed decisions regarding production and costs management
  • Facilitate inventory and human resources management
  • Measure and manage the OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency)

Advantages of doing business with Manevco

At Manevco, the customer relationship is essential. Our personalized service is the cornerstone that guarantees the success of all our clients’ projects.

Our extensive expertise in the implementation of MES systems allows us to successfully complete any kind of project, on budget and schedule.

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